28in (19in diag) Capacity Wet Tray Tile Saw

Today’s tile and stone pieces are larger and more expensive than in years past. Consequently, architects and their clients want the pieces set very close together for that striking “slab look”. This requires accurate, chip free cutting performance.  The Imer can cut 24″ tile or stone to within 1/32″.  With 28″ of cutting length the Imer tile saw is ready to take on larger size tile and stone projects. The protractor is laser cut-stainless steel, and it is locked in place by a solid aluminum fence – accurately cut angels and diagonals with complete confidence.   As this saw is very rigid and accurate a high quality cut can be achieved.  The stand is like the saw, very light and very stable. The feet are rubber so the stand won’t slip on or scratch the floor.

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